Friday, February 23, 2007

Freaky Friday!

I don't know about you but I'm a pretty superstitious person. Years and years ago at work my maintenance guy, Fred, knocked on my table as he walked by then pointed at me and said, "It's gonna be a good night." It was the best night EVER! To this day if I want good luck I knock twice on whatever's around me and point. Two weeks ago I was at work and had found a small rubberband that was thinner than what we usually use and for some reason I slipped over my hand and wore it on my wrist. That night went super smooth so I figured it was a good luck rubberband.

I haven't taken it off until this morning. I told myself as I was sitting at the stoplight at Union & Academy that it was silly to think a rubberband could bring me good luck. So I took it off and put it around the gear shift. 60 seconds later the turn arrow came on and the dumbass kid in front of me was messing around and stalled his car. We almost missed the arrow and the girl in his backseat kept turning around and giving me stupid looks. Hmm...I thought...would that be considered bad luck? I made the arrow and the only thing that really happened was that I was annoyed.'s still okay.

Then Christina came over and we went to the card store. I tried my best to be good but I ended up spending money I probably shouldn't have on Peyton Manning cards, Lost cards and a Beanie Baby Bunny named Hopson. Bad luck yet? No...Just me having no self control.

I went to pick up Jordyn and my parking spot was taken. Not bad luck...I was just running later than normal.

I went to pick up Justin. My spot was taken and I had to park farther up on the curb than I like to. This idiot in a bright red Grand Am pulled up in front of me and started to back up...and up...and up...I had to honk to get him to stop. The lady behind me was shaking her head as this dumbass's antics. He was about an inch away from the front of my car and he just sat there giving me dirty looks in his mirror. I gave them right back. Yeah, I was starting to believe I shouldn't have taken the rubberband off.

While we're waiting for Justin I thought I saw smoke come from my hood. Panicked, I turned the car off and grabbed the rubberband, slipping it back where it belongs. When Justin showed up (10 minutes late, no less) and I started the car the display dinged at me and read "COOLANT." *sigh* Yeah, the rubberband will now be a permanant display on my wrist, I'm thinking. Luckily we made it home without any car problems. The temp gage was where it should be and I never saw anymore smoke. Thank you Rubberband!

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