Thursday, March 11, 2004

My Best Day Ever

Once in a lifetime will you have the best day ever. Nothing goes wrong, everything falls into place and sometimes something happens that you've previously only daydreamed about. My day happened about 5 years ago.

It started out normally. I woke up, I went to work at the golf course where I worked at the snack counter. Usually it was a giant pain but that day I smiled at everyone no matter what and my tip cup had to emptied three times! Plus a lady came in, bought a buttload of beer and tipped me like $10!

After I clocked out, I got on Powers Blvd and headed towards my friend's house so we could go up to Denver. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a state patrolman so I looked at my speed. Whoa! I was going like 65 in a 50! Crap...the day's starting to look bad. The guy pulls me over, looks at my license & registration, tells me he believes that I have insurance when I can't find the card and lets me off with a warning! Hell, the day is slowly getting better!

I picked up Christina and we went up to Denver. There was a pre-season Avalanche game happening and we didn't have tickets so we pulled into the parking lot of McNichol's Arena and stood behind the barriers to watch the players drive in. Yeah, we were pathetic. After about an hour, this guy walks up to us weariing Avalanche athletic gear.

"You girls have tickets?" Oh, here it comes, I thought. The end to the Perfect Day. He's gonna make us leave.


"Do you want some?" What??? Turns out this guy was the assistant equipment manager for the team and his wife couldn't use the free tickets he got for every home game. Would we like to have them? Not only did we get free, kickass seats to the Avs game but he gave us his parking pass which meant we got to park with the players!!

In the section next to us during the game was Milan Hujduk! He was only my favorite player at the time and I had never met him. So bewteen periods, I got the guts to go up and ask him for his autograph. He was super sweet! Then after the game, we got to watch the other fans that had gathered by the parking lot for autographs gape as we walked to our car parked between Aaron Miller's and Jon Klemm's SUVs.

So far, no other day has equaled that one for luck. Maybe one day...

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