Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

I haven't posted anything in quite a while. I was busy being bored in Jct. Well, that's not true, I wasn't really bored. It was fun dodging the spiders and playing games with Grandma & Grandpa. In fact, I did make the greatest comeback in Oh Heck history...the first 6 hands I was in the hole then I climbed out with great tenacity and cunning to destroy the competition with 33 points! Whoooo! Can I get a Whoa, Heather?

But when we weren't playing games, there wasn't a whole lot to do. Mom went off to Utah to visit her best friend, leaving me alone. I played a lot of solitaire on the computer and dug through all of Grandma's old pictures so I could take home the ones I liked and make copies of them. In the living room of their house above the front window is a ledge that Grandma has a bunch of pictures set on. Some are behind others and one day I climbed up there to see what pictures were being hidden in case I wanted copies of them. One hidden picture was me in my cheerleading uniform from 9th grade. Hey! I took offense so I rearranged all her pictures so that I was in the center spot! I'm not sure she even noticed. There's a gaggle of pictures of Derek up there and only 3 of me & 1 was hidden! I'm only trying to balance the scales.

My aunt & uncle and 4 of their 9 kids came out to visit while Mom & I were there. The only one that I even like is Tony. He's about 7 years younger than me and he's a bodybuilder. He's HUGE! Muscle-wise, anyways. He's really short for a guy...Mom's 5'2" on a good day and he's shorter than her! But since he's a bodybuilder and is going to be in a competition in June, he's on a strict diet where he has to eat every hour! Yeah, EVERY HOUR! At one point, Mom & I were in the kitchen by the fridge and he came in. I made a comment that he was eating again and he said he was late in eating..."Like an HOUR late," he exclaimed in horror, checking the clock.

My mom, always the witty one says, with the straightest face: "Uh oh. There goes a muscle."

I thought his sister was going to die laughing. Sometimes you really got to hand it to Mom.

Yeah, I know this post is boring...I have to think of something interesting to write...I'm in the same boat as Collin...the S.S. Writer's Block!

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