Wednesday, April 21, 2004

It's like those French have a different word for EVERYTHING!

Okay, so I won't be writing about the French and their language but I think it was Steve Martin that said that and it fits my story so there you go.

When I worked at Fargo's during my second sentence, there was a guy that worked across the street at the welding place. He came in every afternoon and ordered a lunchon pizza that he took back to work with him. One day he dropped his pizza in the parking lot and came back in all mad because he had to buy another one. I took pity on him and didn't charge him. After that he made sure that he always cameto my window.

He was really sweet...his name was Billy and he was from Scotland. He had this great accent! I would ask him inane questions just to listen to him talk. A lot of the girls there couldn't understand him but I found that if I looked down at the ticket while he spoke I didn't have a problem with his thick brogue.

One day as he was leaving with his order, he smiled at me and said there was something different about me. "I have bangs now," I said. I had just cut my hair the night before; my hair had been all the same length and now I had bangs. It looked cute.

"Bangs?" He looked at me funnny so I pointed to my hair. "Ohhh! Fringe!" Okay, so the Scottish call bangs fringe. No big deal - that's kinda cute, right?

After a while, he stopped coming in and we figured he didn't work across the street anymore and I forgot about him. About a year later, this woman I worked with, Jill, came to work and said, "Oh, Heather! I HAVE to tell you this!" It seems that her hairdresser had just come back from visiting Scotland and she had been telling Jill how they have different words for some things, especially in the hairdressing profession.

"Did you know, for example," the hairdresser said, "that they call bangs fringe?"

"Actually, I did know that," Jill replied.

"But do you know what bangs are in Scotland?"



OH MY GOD!!!! If you think about it, the word fits. But I didn't know that and there I was telling this guy that I looked different because I had bangs!! He probably thought, "WHOA, NELLIE!" I was sooooo glad that he didn't come in anymore. I was absolutely mortified.

He probably also thought America was a pretty swingin' place!

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