Friday, May 14, 2004

Heather's Dictionary

I heard somewhere that it's a sign of genius if you make up your own words. If that's true, then Dad's Genius Gene is at work in me! I make up my own words all the time. Sadly, I forget them right away most of the time so maybe I'm not a genius after all. But anyway, here's a few of my own words:

LOPSIDEDY (Lop-sye-did-ee) [adj] Describes the way an object leans. First made up about 4 years ago when I was driving through my in-law's trailer park. There was one trailer with a giant star on the side of it made with lights. It was never point stuck out way farther than the others. It was practically a Christmas tradition to see that lopsidedy star. Much to my dismay, the guy bought a level or a ruler or something last year...the star is now perfect.

AMOEBAEY (A-mee-buh-ee) (adj) Decribes the way an animal can look practically boneless. First made up about two years ago when my cat Murphy started flopping on the floor as far down as he could. All four limbs splayed on his sides, chin flat on the floor, body pressed against the floor. Midnight and Mom & Dad's squirrel have lately begun practicing the art of being amoebaey. It can also be used in this way: "Murphy went amoeba again."

CONVERNATION (con-ver-nay-shun) [noun] Form of the word confirmation. Used in radio divining games to make sure the first answer was correct. First made up about 2 years ago while sitting in my car on break with my friend Christina. To entertain ourselves, we would play what was called "Radio Games." We would consult the radio Gods and ask them things like "What does Mike think of Christina?" and then I would hit a preset station and depending on the mode of divining we had chosen, either the song itself or just the first full song line would be the answer to the question. Most of the time, though, we'd get something strange like "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" or a line from a Metallica song which would seemingly have nothing to do with our question. A convernation is what we called a second chance in ascertaining what the radio Gods really meant.

When I think of other words I'll let you know!

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