Wednesday, May 26, 2004

I'm Just Sayin'

I have nothing funny today...just a couple of things I thought were worth yapping about. I finished the new Harlan Coben book this morning, Just One Look. It was about a huge secret that starts unraveling when Grace finds an old photo of her husband mixed in with the pics she picks up at the Photomat. That made me remember that that happened to me once.

Christina & I, as I mentioned in previous posts, were hockey groupies and we took hundreds of pictures. Right after the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup the first time, winger Rene Corbet made an appearance at Sears. Christina took about twelve pictures and got them developed right away at Walgreens. Two years later, we went to a different Walgreens to develop some more hockey pictures. After picking them up, we opened the packet right there in the store. At the bottom of the stack was a picture of Rene Corbet at Sears!

Now that's weird. I mean, there's no logical explanation for that. We were at different stores, it was years later, and she had used disposable cameras both times. How can you explain that?

Something spooky that happened yesterday was that I had a dream about my late uncle again. He spoke, too. I was getting into a camper with a friend of mine and Jim was holding the door open. He told me to "watch my head." All night long, I kept thinking about that. What was going to happen to my head? Luckily, nothing happened but I'm worried...I didn't understand the dream where he told me about the car accident so maybe I'm not getting this one either.

If you don't see any new posts for a while, you know something happened to my head.

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