Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Oooo! Spooky Things Are Afoot...

Earlier, Derek posted about how our late Uncle Jim helped him get his new house. He mentioned in the comments that Jim had warned me from beyond the grave about a car accident that I was going to have. I have to admit that until I read that, I had completely forgotten about it. In fact, I didn't even remember what Jim had said; thankfully, Derek & Mom did.

I had a dream one night that I saw Uncle Jim. In dreams when you see a deceased relative or someone you know and they don't speak, it doesn't mean much...just that they had been on your mind. But if they do happen to tell you something PAY ATTENTION!! It's a commonly known fact that they speak only when they feel they have to...to warn you of something or to help you out. In my dream, Jim told me "Only a little bit and you'll be okay."

It turned out that the next day, Mom & I were on our way to see "The Patriot" when a giant mobile home switched lanes and clipped the back end of Mom's car, sending us spinning out of control into oncoming traffic. It was a miracle that we weren't hit again as we spun between other cars and that neither of us were hurt. Her car was damaged "only a little bit" and we were "okay."

A few years before, my Dad woke up and saw his late father (Charles from Derek's previous post) sitting in the rocking chair across from the bed. He just smiled at Dad before fading away. After he told me this, I got all mad and yelled, "Why doesn't anyone come & see ME?" The next afternoon, I woke up and walked into the living room to find the front door ajar. Concerned, I walked up to shut it, thinking maybe the wind had blown it open when I realized the handle lock and the dead bolt were BOTH in the LOCKED position. The next morning I had a dream where Grandpa told me it had been him who had opened the door. He laughed when he told me he had come to visit!

We get mail for Grandpa & Jim very rarely at my house anymore. But when I was first married I lived in a loft apartment. About 6 months or so after the wedding, I got a free installation disc from America OnLine, addressed to Jim Knight. I told Dad I figured it was a wedding present. Dad agreed, saying Jim wasn't ever the most punctual guy ever.

We're kind of a spooky family when you think about it. But at least it's never dull.

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