Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Root Of The Problem

We've mentioned so many times on our respective blogs how evil Derek is. Sometimes I think he was born that way but sometimes I think he just didn't have a chance. He was turned evil by circumstances beyond his control. And he probably doesn't even remember what happened, even though he claims to remember being born.

I'm not sure which order these two events happened but he was about the same age: a few months old. Derek always had a problem with balance. Sit him down and within seconds he would fall over. We actually have time lapse photos of him on the couch sitting up straight, falling and finally fallen on his face. One day Mom was in the kitchen and had sat Derek down on the floor in front of the sliding glass door. As usual, there he went...except when he fell over, his head hit the glass door and it shattered. Derek wasn't cut nor did he cry at all but he sure hit his head hard.

One day we were in the old Dodge. Derek was in the carseat, riding in the middle of the front seat. Without warning, the rearview mirror fell off and hit him square in the head. Not sure if he cried on that one or not.

But the point I'm trying to make is you know how you hear when people get whacked in the noggin it can change their whole personality? I'm thinking that may have been what happened to Derek. He was probably supposed to be this kind soul, rivaling Ghandi and then these head injuries occur and BAM! He's evil!

At least that's what I'm gonna start telling people when they ask me what's wrong with him.

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