Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Shock the Monkey

I had a tough time deciding who to write about this morning...Mom? Derek? Mom? Derek? I chose Derek. I love this story and was just telling my trainee at work about it.

At work we deal with secure products which means that static can not only damage the parts but completely blow them to hell with just the spark that comes from you walking across a carpet in tennies. I have a guy I'm training now and he was studying the ElectroStatic Discharge spec last night. He was amazed at how much power you could generate by scooting your socked feet across a carpet. Don't ask me how much because I don't know...I wasn't the one studying the spec! Ha!

Anyways, it made me think of the time that Derek was standing in the living room in front of the TV. He was probably 8 or so. I was across the room in my stocking feet and suddenly an evil little idea popped into my brain. "Stay right there," I instructed him. He obeyed, watching innocently as I shuffled across the carpet with all my might.

"Okay, now SMILE," I told him when I was standing in front of him. He did, a nice big toothy grin. I reached out with my index finger and touched his teeth. The biggest, bluest spark I've ever seen, even to this day, flew from his mouth. He says it hurt...

Maybe THAT's what turned his brain switch to evil?

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