Monday, June 14, 2004

Deep Thoughts

Yeah, my little face over there the last two days was depressed. Not one to bring others down but I wanted to get all of this out! I can't afford to explode one's messy and not fun for whoever has to clean it up!

This guy I worked with passed away on Wednesday morning. He was only 58. So I got to thinking how short life can truly be and we need to enjoy it while we have it and enjoy all the people who share this life with us! I'm very shy so I never tell anyone how I really feel. It's hard for me. But I'm only doing this once so everyone better listen up! Ha!

I'm sticking to the people I know read this. I'll start with Derek. Mom told me the other day that I was almost an only child and that shook me. I can't imagine my life without a brother! I know I would be dull and uncreative and boring if it wasn't for you! You are the funniest & most talented person I have ever known! Since no one else can read this since I changed my template, you have to tell Heather that I'm sooooo glad you married her. I couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law! Also we have the best parents on the planet. Bar none. Others may argue but you can't convince me otherwise.

Shanon & best friends! I can't tell you how much I look forward to my weekend so we can go shopping or to the movies and eat Chinese food! :D I'm extremely blessed to have you guys!

To all the people that take time out of their day to read my goofy posts, thank you. Your comments make me feel like what I do on this little site is worth it. Jenn, Monkey, Prestbury...:)

Collin - you're so cool! I love chatting with you online. I'm sorry you have to look at Derek's face so much but I'm glad you guys are friends or I would never have gotten to meet you! You're funny & creative & talented and a great dad! And you sing better then you think you do! ;)

I would put in a little paragraph about my husband but he never reads this. I'll just tell him in person.

Okay....sorry for the mush. I'll try to be more upbeat tomorrow

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