Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Fright Night

SONG OF THE DAY: "Sunday Morning" by No Doubt. Anything by No Doubt is good but it took me a while to warm up to this one. Now I love it and actually sang it at karaoke last time I was there. It's just fun & bouncy.

Next to comedies, horror movies are my favorite type of movie. I love that rush of fear that comes over you, thinking that the monster is outside your window, waiting to get you even though you know it's not true. It's always best to watch them in the dark and hopefully you have someone with you that will save you from the clutches of Dracula, Freddy or Pinhead.

When I was in high school, my best friend at the time, Rhonda, & I would rent scary movies every weekend and spend the time getting scared out of our minds. The Serpent & The Rainbow was the first movie to make me scream out loud even though we were watching it at 4 in the afternoon with bright sunlight streaming through the living room window. We watched every horror flick we could get our hands on then. One night we rented April Fool's Day and watched it at my house with my mom. There's a scene where two kids are having sex and the chick has her ankles locked behind the guy's neck and in all seriousness, my mom says, "Uh! You can't do it that way." She's so innocent it's cute.

The first time Rhonda & I watched Nightmare On Elm Street (the original) it was at her house and at midnight, the way you're supposed to watch it. Right after Freddy killed the blonde chick in the boiler room, I see a shadow coming up the sidewalk out the window. "Rhonda, there's someone out there," I whispered. She didn't believe me but the figure was getting closer. Oh, shit, he was wearing a striped sweater!! OH MY GOD!!! "Rhonda," I whispered again just as the door knob shook. We both froze and stared at the door. We just knew Freddy was out there. Pretty soon we hear a knock. Would Freddy knock? Wouldn't he just use his knives to pick his way in? Or jump through the window? "Hey, it's Gene. Let me in, I forgot my key." Good God, it was her brother, home from a date in a stupid striped sweater! Heart attack averted.

The only other scary thing that ever happened while I was watching a scary movie was during The Omen. My dad was in Kansas or Nebraska or some other state and Derek, Mom & I rented a couple movies, one being The Omen. I remember that Mom & Derek were on opposite ends of the couch and I was in the chair across the living room, watching as Damien wreaked havoc and scared the crap outta me. It was storming outside and every once in a while we would hear the thunder over the movie. When it came to the part in the graveyard where the two guys are about to open Damien's mother's casket, the power went out. I leapt across the room onto the couch where Derek was already cowering next to Mom. I did the same thing. When the power came back on, we all just sat there, afraid to move, knowing that when we got up, the devil dog was going to leap out and devour us!

I've kinda slacked on my horror movie watching duties...the last scary movie I saw was probably The Ring and that really creeped me out when the girl was crawling through the TV. Not to mention my cell phone ringing every thirty minutes throughout the whole film freaked me out. After my jaunt through Media Play's horror DVD section the other night, I realized I have a huge task ahead of me to catch up on all these scary movies. Wish me luck!

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