Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I Feel Good (nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!)

Ahhh! I love that feeling of total bliss that steals over you when you get out of doing something you really didn't want to do.

Where I work, we have these machines that to operate, you have to be certified. To get certified, you have to be audited by a training specialist. I HATE audits more than anything! They stress me out so bad! About six months ago, I had three audits within a three week period. Every morning at 4am, I would start to get sick. Physically ill, thinking about going through this audit. Would this be the time I failed miserably and Debi (the specialist) would say in her Valley Girl voice: "Oh, Heather, NOooooo! That's wrooooong!"

Luckily, I passed all the audits and they were all puke-free! I told mu supervisor after the last one that that was IT! No more for at least a year. They were too stressful and I didn't like being sick. "Okay," she said and two weeks later said, "I need you to learn the 4090 prober." AARRRGHH! Doesn't anyone ever listen to me?

Apparently not cuz I got trained. If you'll recall, I had to actually work another stinkin' shift to get trained, too! Well, this morning was supposed to be the day I got audited. At 5:30am, Debi was supposed to come swishing through and put me through her version of hell. But guess what??? There was no product for the 4090 and without product, I can't show her that I know what I'm doing so...I'm FREE!!!! YAY!

Only for a week but I don't care! Right now, I feel GREAT! And suddenly I'm craving Frosted Flakes...hmmm...

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