Sunday, June 06, 2004

Random Happenings

Today is my first day of working day shift (7am-7pm instead of the other way 'round) and I'm not sure how it will go. At least I know all the people on that shift so I won't be lonely or sad.

OH MY GOD!! There's a big creepy spider crawling on the wall next to me and my cats are completely oblivious. If my post suddenly ends, you know it got me.

Soooo, Friday night on The Discovery Channel, they aired the first episode of a new show of theirs called "American Casino" which took you inside The Green Valley Ranch in Vegas. What was cool about the show was that they focused a lot on the cooking side of it and the assistant pastry chef at the time they filmed there was my sister-in-law's twin sister, Shannon! It was really neat seeing her on TV. They even talked to her and had the little caption "Shannon Wright, Assistant Pastry Chef" underneath her. Heather (my sis-in-law) said that the cameraman had a thing for Shannon and you could tell...there were a ton of shots of her. She looked really pretty so if you see that it's going to be on again, check it out.

I think the spider's behind the clock now so I might be safe. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Three weeks ago I had an appointment to get my hair colored at the salon that I go to. I was all excited cuz I was going to go REALLY blond and have hot pink streaks put in. So I drive 30 minutes to the place only to find out that she's not there, that her grandmother passed away and she took off for New York the day before. "She was supposed to call all of her clients," the girl told me. Well, not only did she NOT call me, but this wasn't the first time it had happened. This was the fifth time. I either get there and she's not there or she's forgotten to write my appointment time down. Now, she's really sweet but totally flighty and I decided that I had had enough. So...

Shanon did my hair for me yesterday. We colored it "Chamomile Blond" then added some pink stripes in it which looks pretty darn cool and she even trimmed & styled it, too. All for free. If my hair lady had done all that I would be bankrupt! So I just want to thank Shanon for being so awesome! It was fun cuz there I was with foil strips hanging out of my head and here comes Elena..."Heather! You look pretty! You look like a rabbit!" Then she picks up the drain stopper for the kitchen sink. "Mama, what is this?"

"It's a drain stopper plug thing," Shanon replies.

"Oh. It's pretty." Later, she came back and told me again that I looked so pretty.

"Bunny rabbit pretty or drain stopper pretty," I asked.

"Bet you never thought you'd have to ask that question, huh?" Shanon laughed.

So that's been my weekend. Hope everyone else has a great weekend!

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