Wednesday, June 09, 2004

See What Happens...

When you follow random links?? This morning I stopped by The Lost Blog's Home (God, I really wish Derek would teach me how to link) and his latest post was about Tanya and how she hates music. Everything. Not just some music but ALL music! I thought long & hard about stopping by, knowing that some, if not all, of my bands would end up being trashed. But, I took a deep breath, steeled myself for the worst and followed the link.

You might as well go there and see what she has to say about your fave music. I can tell you that she probably won't like it. She's already admitted that there's only one band that she tolerates, and guess what? It's not who you would wasn't who I thought but it was who I would wish it to be. BADFINGER!!!! Seriously! Here's her post:

What question do I get asked most? When are you going to pay your bar tab.
What question do I get asked second most often? What music do you like. There must be something. A band or a group, just one piece.

Well I don't like any music. But I do hava soft spot for one band. There were thought of as the next big thing, the saviour of post Beatles rock. None of which are the reasons why I like them. No I like them because they were stupendously unsuccessful, signed a contract which to all intents and purposes robbed them of money, and then topped themself. If only all bands could have a trajectory like that, I would be clapping until Kingdom Come.

The band? Badfinger.

The tragedy of Badfinger is made all the more juicy in that it was pretty much all the Beatles fault. Obviously the tragedy that anyone knew them in the first place was Paul McCartney's, and George Harrison produced their second album. But when Apple was disolved over Macca and Lennon trying to decided which country in the Union they wanted to own (Macca certain that he wanted to give Ireland to the Irish) they were left floundering, in penury, to sign a sort of reverse loalties deal. All bands should obviously be fined for selling more records in my book. Bands who have ever met, or listened to a Beatles record double.

Why did the members of Badfinger top themselves though? Surely not just over money. No, it was probably due to the realisation that they had written 'Without You' one of the most melodramatic, overblown and - this is the key point - covered songs in history. Perhaps the members obtained a crystal ball and realised that in 1997 Mariah Carey was going to crap her larynx all over it. In order to have completed rotted by this terrible juncture they stopped breating forthwith. And therefore stand as a shining example to all other bands.


So it's not like she loves them like I do and listens to their tunes over & over while driving to the supermarket or only two of them "topped" themselves...the other two are running around, still making music that Tanya will probably throuroughly dislike. But, hey! I'm not the only person out there that knows of them & their history! And maybe, just maybe, someone will read that and say, HEY! I need to listen to me some Badfinger and the smallest club in the world will have another member.

I'm pathetic, I know.

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