Thursday, June 17, 2004


I'm feeling kinda Monkeyesque today. Enjoy!


New Feature for Matted Spam: SONG OF THE DAY!!
Today's song is "Walking On Sunshine" by Katrina & The Waves. This song describes my mood perfectly today even though the weather is quite overcast & gloomy. Jenn, you need to listen to this song to perk up!


People who need to be pimp-slapped: The idiot who jumped out of a car at the stoplight of Circle & Monterey today then proceeded to walk right into oncoming traffic throwing gang signs like that's gonna stop someone from running over his dumb ass!


Shanon, Elena & I went to the zoo today to see the giraffes. Sadly, they weren't out. Apparently it was too wet. We saw the penguins which almost makes up for it. And two HUGE snakes that were really cool.


Movie Idea: "From Geek To Chic." (PG) (2hrs, 2 min) Watch this heart-warming tale of a geeky girl who somehow makes her high school cheerleading squad and makes being Geeky chic!


Fun New Trend: Astrological signs on EVERYTHING! I recently purchased a t-shirt with my sign (Aqaurius) & personality traits listed on the front and a pair of Aquarian flip-flops. These are the only two things I have been able to find with my sign on them. Either Aquarius is really popular or else the manufacturers don't think we're important.


That was fun!!

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