Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A Week In The Life Of A Buddy Trainer

A buddy trainer. That's me. I'm new at that, only having been a buddy trainer for six months. When I got certified at that position, I thought it would be an easy job...we hadn't hired anyone new for years so I figured that the only people I would be training would be people that had been there for a while and new all the nuances of working in the semiconductor industry. Plus it was fifty cents an hour extra when I was training.

Sadly, I was wrong. We hired two new people within the space of four months. The first guy I didn't have to train but I got the second guy. I've mentioned him in a couple posts already...Stan. During the interview, I really like him. He seemed nice and friendly and eager to learn. So we hired him. The first week was fine, although I noticed his propensity to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk...seriously. He told me he talked to keep himself awake. One night I mentioned something about The Doors and he said he never heard of The Doors. That started a two & a half hour conversation (I use that term lightly. It's usually him talking & me nodding my head while clenching my hands into fists) about music. At 4am, Prescilla came to get me for break. As we were walking away, Stan is still yelling at me..."Do you like The Police? I like Sting!" Oh my God!!

The next night he had no work but he can't go home since he's a temp. He decided that since he was workless but I wasn't, he would follow me around like a puppy dog! He knows nothing of the phrase "Personal Space" and he kept trying to do my work. Now, what I was doing that night was a job that I'm still in training on so I kept having to tell him that he couldn't do anything. Then he would look all sad. I wanted to belt him.

He questions the specs, tries to change the rules so they better fit him and thinks he knows the answers to everything! I'm starting to question my decision to be a buddy trainer. This coming week, I'm finishing my training on day shift so that means one whole week without Stan! I'll be able to breathe for that whole week! It'll be so nice.

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