Wednesday, July 28, 2004


SONG OF THE DAY: "Stupid" by Sarah McLachlan. I was listening to this song
the other day in the car and realized it's fast becoming a Favorite Of All
Time. It's just such a cool tune and she sounds so haunted when she sings the

Remember Stan, my erstwhile trainee? Guess what??? He was terminated
yesterday! Don't get me wrong, I'm not celebrating; it's sad when anyone loses
their job but he was really asking for it! When you first start here at Atmel,
you're on 90 day probation. During that time, you have to be on your best
behavior i.e. no tardies, no call-in's, no screw ups of ANY kind. This boy
seemed to be going for some kind of record & encompassed them all into his stay
here. He was late at least 4 times & one time he didn't even show up! The
only thing that saved his butt there was that our supervisor had the night off
and she couldn't prove that he hadn't paged her to let her know he wouldn't be
in. Not to mention he simply stopped listening to me, his buddy trainer, the
one who KNOWS how to do the job. He started looking for short cuts and then
when I called him on it, he actually argued with me! Uh!! The noirve!
Anyway, the disturbing thing about Stan's termination was that Saturday night
when I got to work, my supervisor called me into her office & wanted to know
whether or not I wanted to keep Stan. Eep! Put all the pressure on me!! I
escaped that by asking what she was leaning towards and when she said "Firing
him" I simply agreed. But I still feel somewhat responsible. Nothing like
guilt to get me through a 4-day week! (Yes, I said a 4-day week. And those
are my long weeks!! Anyone want to work here with me? :D )

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