Friday, August 27, 2004

Grandma's Prayer List

My dad's mother is and always has been quite a religious woman. She attends
church regularly, signs greeting cards with "Love & God Bless" and has the
requisite number of Jesus pictures in her house. When I was little, I thought
she probably had an inside track to Heaven. A few years later she proved to us
all just how right I was.

In the mid 80's she & my grandpa moved from Grand Junction to Waco, TX. It
was a required move due to my grandpa's poor health and the fact that the
altitude was better for his lungs than the Colorado air. After he passed away,
Grandma became very immersed in the Salvation Army Church and actually managed
some apartments for them. She got to live on the grounds rent free (I assume)
and she dealt with the problems of the tenants. There was one woman who was a
huge problem in herself.

As I recall, this woman would call Grandma at all hours of the day & night,
reporting stupid problems. When Grandma finally told her to stop calling, the
woman started threatening her. Being the sweet religious woman she is, she
simply prayed to God. I now present to you her prayer: "God, I leave this
problem in Your hands. You will know the best way to deal with this woman."
That's all it was. Simple as that.

The next day, God did indeed deal with that woman. She was hit by a city bus
and killed. No joke. Smushed flat, problem over. Dad asked her then to
never pray for us. But if you have a problem with someone, she may take prayer

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