Monday, August 02, 2004

Things I Learned This (past) Weekend...

I've just finished my four day weekend and I'm back at work. I had so much fun this weekend that I didn't want to come back. I wanted to call in sick and spend just one more day lazing out but alas! It's not meant to be. Have to pay for that new car.

I learned a few things this weekend that I'd like to pass along. First - WalMart is a great place to find cheap & obscure DVD's! Collin mentioned this to me earlier in the week so Wednesday we hopped over there and I found Six Ways To Sunday and The Serpent's Kiss, two movies that I had never seen but knew existed and had been wanting to see. And they were only $5.50 each!! What a bargain!!

Second - There's an anime show out there called Mini Goddesses that is soooooo cute! I've only seen one episode on the Ah! My Goddess DVD but I adored it & have been looking for more. I also really enjoyed the Ah! My Goddess movie, what I saw of it. I didn't get a chance to finish watching it but if you ever get the chance to see either show, check them out!!

Third - My sister-in-law is a better singer than me. We had a Karaoke Revolution contest at Derek's house Friday night and at the end, we all sang "I Will Survive" to see who got the highest amount of points. Heather won big! Congratulations to the new Revolution champion!

Fourth - I just learned this about 15 minutes ago...did you know that to stop an ice cream cone from leaking out the bottom all you have to do is push a marshmallow into it? Isn't that cool? My supervisor told me that while she was sharing her Hershey's caramel kisses with me. If you haven't had those yet, go pick up a bag or two and pig out!! They're to die for!

I think that's it. I learned a couple other things that aren't suitable for some reader's ears but you'll all survive without hearing about them! :D

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