Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pleased To Meet'cha

I went to Fargo's Pizza tonight with my parents for dinner. An old friend of
mine, Rhonda, was working and she came over to talk to me for a bit.
Afterwards, I got to thinking about how long I had known her and how we met.

Now, all of my friends I met either through work or school. Shanon sat next to
me in third grade. Billie Jo & I were cheerleaders together in junior high and
high school. Troy & I went to college together & worked at the same radio
station afterwards. Christina & I worked at Fargo's together. Yadda yadda
yadda and so it goes. But Rhonda...

I was in 2nd grade and she was in 3rd. It was the summer before school started
and I was walking the neighbor's dog. Suddenly, from out of nowhere comes this
crazy redheaded girl on a bike behind me. She sees me but she doesn't stop,
swerve or slow down. Nope, she simply plowed right into me, knocking me over.
Luckilly I managed to hold on to the dog.

"Hi, I'm Rhonda. Wanna play?" I actually said "okay." Maybe I was afraid of
what she would do if I said, "No, crazy girl! Leave me alone!!" But out of all
the friends I've had or will have, she's the one that will always stick out in
my mind because of the bizarre way we met!

She's still pretty crazy, by the way.

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