Monday, October 04, 2004

Dreaming In Sync

This past week my dreams have been very vivid and pretty bizarre. I had one
yesterday where a co-worker's car tookoff by itself and crashed through a fence
but I was the only who cared, including the guy who's car it was! His reply
was, "Enh. I'll take care of it later." When I told him about the dream last
night he laughed and said "Well, what else could I do with it?"

But today's dream was just cool. I think. Some others may find it amusing or

I was sitting with Collin and I was thinking about his past career that he
never talked about. I finally got up the nerve to ask him, "Y'know, I was
wondering why you were so scared about singing at karaoke when you used to do
that for a living when you were a member of N'Sync?"

"I just sang in the background. I never sang lead," he replied.

"But you had to be good to actually be in N'Sync, right?" He shrugged. We
stopped talking about it but I didn't stop thinking about it. I knew it was
something he didn't like to have brought up. I also kept thinking that I
wished my friends could see me, dating an ex-member of N'Sync!! It wasn't like
Collin was Justin or Lance or Chris...he was COLLIN, a 6th member of the boy
band. AND I kept thinking that Collin was keeping a low profile being a
graphic designer rather then all the "in-the-spotlight" things that the other
N'Sync guys were doing like movies and solo albums.

So that was my dream. I think I've admitted in previous posts that I really
like N'Sync. If I haven't, there it is in black & white. I like them so I
thought that dream was pretty nifty! It also made me want to listen to them
when I woke up but their CD's are still in storage. Bummer.

When I told him about the dream, Collin suggested that it means that he's doing
car ads when he's really destined for greater things. I think he could be

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