Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Greetings From The Green Ninja!

I was blind about an hour ago but I can see again, thanks to my Ninja Powers!
Actually, the truth is I wasn't blind but I sure felt close. I'm at work and
my job tonight is to visual every single piece of a 140,000-some part lot.
EVERY STINKIN' PART!! This is hell on the eyes, let me tell ya! I started out
just looking bare-eyed at the part, checking to make sure the lot number was
correct. This lasted until I got off the phone with Collin* and I realized
that I would lose my sight in a matter of minutes if I didn't get to a
magnifying lamp forthwith!

Have I mentioned these parts are small? No? Well, they are. 2 of these parts
can fit lengthwise across my pinky nail. So there ya go. That's why I was
having problems. I would visual a bundle of 20 rails (97 parts per rail) then
I would transfer the parts from the yellow tubes to clear tubes. See, the
yellow tubes are just a teensy bit shorter than the clear tubes and don't work
in the handler that we test these parts in, causing jams and flying parts.


But a little bit ago, Ginny, one of the few people here that I actually like,
came over and offered to transfer the parts after I visualed them! Yay! My
eyes and my sanity are saved!!


* Collin called tonight and right away Jordyn asked to talk to me. She got
on the phone. "Hello."

"Hi! What are you doing?"

"I'm the Black Ninja!" This is said in a sly whisper.

"The Black Ninja?"

"Yeah! I'm black on my feet and my hands..." Collin informed me later that
she was wearing black socks on her hands and feet.

"Cool. Are you a good ninja or a bad ninja?"

"Good. I'm fighting the Red Ninja who is bad. That's Daddy." She talked a
little more than got off the phone by saying, "Bye, Green Ninja. That's you.
You're the Green Ninja. You're good, too, like me."

I realized later that if you put Collin & I together, we're The Christmas
Ninjas. But since Collin is bad he's in charge of delievering the coal to the
bad boys & girls. I deliver sweet things like dolls and trains.

So all bow before the good & powerful Green Ninja and her repaired eyesight!
And have a good day!

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