Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Losers Love The Lord, Too!

One of the reasons I actually don't mind coming into work is because I have a
really cool supervisor. Nancy's funny and goofy and actually knows what she's
doing. She likes to talk; I've run into her in the hallway and ended up
talking to her for almost an hour when I should have been working! One of the
things she talks to me about is her "other job."

She's a pastor for the Nazarene church. In fact she was a member of and
sometimes preached at the Nazarene church at the end of the street that I lived
on for 20-some years! Talk about coincidence! One night when she had to come
pick me up for work cuz my car was dead, I just said, "Pretend you're going to
church. You'll see me on the side of the road before you get there."

Anyway...she also sings in the choir. One Sunday, she said she was singing
away, looking out at the congregation and saw a guy flashing an "L" against his
forehead with his finger & thumb. Smiling, she did it back to him and then
wondered why suddenly everyone look shocked & scandalized.

After church, the guy came up and said that he hadn't been doing that to her,
but just as a joke to one of his buddies in the choir and that he hoped she
wasn't offended. She didn't know what to say...she had no idea what he was
talking about. He explained that that was the universal symbol for "LOSER."

"Ohhhhh! I thought it was 'L' for Lord!"

They always say ignorance is bliss. I think they're right!

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