Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Spoiling The Surprise


It will get you. You won't know when, you won't know where but one day it will
rise from it's watery grave to wrap it's cold claws around you and laugh.
Sometimes it's instant karma but other times it lays in wait, planning.

Years ago when Derek was about 8 or 9, Dad took us shopping at Sears for a
Mother's Day present. At that time, Dad was really into buying kitcheny
gadgets as gifts for Mom so that he could use them. His new thing then was
watching cooking shows like Yan Can Cook and he wanted all their equipment so
he could make what they made, only better. So that particular year, Mom was
destined to get a food processor. We marched straight into Sears and bought
it. Derek was in charge of carrying the purchase.

I don't remember what happened that provoked it but later that afternoon we
were all having a discussion in the kitchen and something came up about our
trip to Sears and Dad tried to pin the blame on his youngest child. Derek
piped up with his defense: "Don't look at me. All I did was carry the food
processor around." Needless to say, Mom was not surprised on Mother's Day.

Flash forward to yesterday afternoon. Place: Graham Advertising where Derek
and Collin work. It was quitting time but Derek was having some fun throwing
the football around the art department at unsuspecting victims including his
wife Heather who was there to pick him up and yours truly who was just there to
see Collin. While tossing the old Nerfskin around, Derek announced that for
their upcoming anniversary, they were going up to Fort Collins to watch the
Eagles, the minor league hockey team, play. I said that sounded like fun and
Collin added, "Yeah, and they're staying at a bed & breakfast."

Suddenly, Derek's face clouded into one of disbelief and betrayal. Heather
started jumping around hollering, "He told me the secret! He told me the
secret!" Seems that the B&B was indeed supposed to be a surprise for Heather
but when he told Collin about the arrangements he negelcted to tell him NOT TO
SAY ANYTHING TO HEATHER!! Collin felt really bad.

Heather did say, however, that the brouchere for the B&B had come in the mail
that day so she had pretty much figured it out but still....

Karma. It WILL get you. You better watch out!

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