Thursday, November 04, 2004

All My Cats...

I was sitting at work talking to the new lady about cats and I realized that I missed mine a lot and decided that I would write a little about each one. So here goes:

RUSTY - He was the first cat I ever had...I got him when I was 3...don't know where he came from. He was a Morris-type cat, a yellow tabby. I went to pet him one day while he was eating and he bit me on the arm. I got ringworm from it so Mom took him to the Humane Society.

After that, Derek was diagnosed as being allergic to cats so it was never a possibility that I would have another cat as long as we lived in the same house. But one day...

RITA - We've both blogged about her before. She was beautiful! She appeared on our porch one day and took over our house. Gray & white with emerald green favorite story about her was the morning I was sleeping through my alarm and I finally woke to see Rita standing on my chest...she was alternately licking my forehead then meowing and pawing at the alarm clock's snooze button! She knew which button to use to turn it off but she couldn't quite get it! I really miss her!! She was named after the character Rita on "Animaniacs."

MIDNIGHT - She was originally gotten as a kitten by my ex-brother-in-law. She's a black persian-tabby mix with sea green eyes and a white star on her chest & tummy. She's very royal and believes that if you have her, you should have no other cat! When Scott & Becky were moving, they couldn't take her so I got to. She loved to be up high and would climb anything she could. When she was a baby she would climb the Christmas tree so Scott would spray her with water to get her to stop. She loved the water so much that she would climb the tree just to get sprayed! After that when I would takes baths, she would sit on the edge of the tub and dangle her tail in the water.

CHAZZ - My favorite cat ever! The absolute cutest cat that has ever lived, bar none! One day I'll post pics of him so you can all agree with me! :) Pure tabby, he's blonde and black striped with green eyes, a white chest and feet, a white stripe on his pink nose that's outlined in black and freckles! I got him through a guy I worked with at Fargo's. He has a toe fettish - he loves to lick toes! He was also very this I mean that he hated to be picked up and carried around but he would let me do it. Sometimes he would lay in my arms like a baby. I named him Chazz after the actor Chazz Palmienteri.

CLAUDE LEMEW - Mean little bugger but she loved me. I rescued her from certain death when she was found outside of Fargo's as a kitten - she fit in my palm she was so small. It was sleeting and she was shivering. I took her home and she proceeded to have a ton of kittens! Her first batch gave me Valeri, Daze, Mario & Teemu. I gave them all away eventually but Mario & Teemu stayed with me for about three years. Claude was named after the ex-Avalanche player because of her attitude. She loved to sleep with me. She would lay on me while I slept and if I rolled over, she would walk me like a log until I settled down again. Her second batch of kitties was Jazz, Jade, Jet & Jewel. I gave 2 away and 2 died. Her thrid and final batch was Zoe, Alice, Anya & Jinx. Zoe & Jinx didn't make it and Anya was given to Heather's twin sister Shannon. But...

ALICE - she was known around the house as "Rittle Tiny Owlrice." That was the only way you could get her to come to you when you called her. She was the runt of the last litter and even at 6 years old she was about the size of a year old cat. She, like her mother, was pure black. She had a tiny little head and these huge amber eyes that made her look like an alien. She would talk to you, too. You'd say her "name" and she'd cock her head, look at you and meow right back. She was named after Alice Cooper but sometimes I'd tell her she was named after Alice In Wonderland.

MURPHY - Murphy Von Smurphy. A very cool cat. He's Maine Coon, about 12 pounds of cat. Big ol' paws and the sweetest face. He loved to be held like a baby. He would get mushy for me and come paw at my legs until I picked him up then he'd settle himself over my left shoulder (always the left. If I tried to put him on my right he's move back to the left.) and hang there until he either got tired or I had to put him down. He was scared to death of Claude even though he outweighed her by 6 pounds or so. He'd see her coming and scurry out of the way. Murphy came to me through an old friend of Jeff's, Mary King, who's no longer with us.

So those were my kitties. I miss them all...especially Rita & Chazz. When I get the chance, I'll post pics of them all!
Update by Collin: Here's one of the pictures of Chazz that you gave me back when I was trying to talk my mom into taking him.

And here's one of Murphy and Chazz

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