Tuesday, November 02, 2004

And Now Your Treat!!

In the Colorado Springs Gazette, we have a section entitled Back Pages. It
has little blurbs of news that actually appeared in the Gazette 50, 75 & 100
years ago. I always try to read these because sometimes they're just flat out

One time there was a blurb about some poor child who attended the School for
the Deaf & Blind who fell during music class against the corner of the piano
and "popped his eyeball right out." Seriously, that's how it was written! I
can only hope that this kid was one of the blind. How horrible if he was deaf
and then went blind from that eye poppin' clean out!

So, anyway, yesterday's 75 years ago was this:

"Comparison of records made by shorthand writers appears to prove that American
speech gains 10 words a minute every 20 years. Americans may not express any
more or better thoughts in the same length of time, but they get more words

And that was 75 years ago!! Imagine what talkative little cretins we are

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