Friday, November 12, 2004

The Heirarchy Of Cuss-Words

Where: In the Aerostar
When: Maybe about 1990
Who: Me, Derek, Mom & Dad
What: How to REALLy mean it when you cuss.

Scene - driving in Security. Mom is at the wheel and someone has just cut her off in traffic.

MOM: Shit!
DAD: Karen!!
D & H: Mom!!
MOM: What? I didn't really cuss. It's only cussing if you say 'you' at the end.
DAD: So I can say 'baby shit' and it's okay cuz I didn't say "baby shit on you?'
MOM: That's not what I meant!



My mom was in the process of yelling at my dad, telling him to take better care of his health. And I quote: "If you die, I'll haunt you!! wait..."

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