Thursday, November 18, 2004

In The Pig Pen

I've always had very bizarre, very vivid dreams but the one I had two days ago is still making me laugh.

I was in a pig sty, ankle-deep in mud. Derek & Collin were in there with me but they were on the other side, chasing piglets. I don't know what they were planning but I'm sure it's best that I never found out.

Where I was was a large black sow. She was the mama of the piglets that the guys were terrorizing. For some reason, I looked down at the pig, clapped my hands and yelled "Pigga pigga pigga!!!" and the pig started hopping up & down. I was so amazed that I called Derek & Collin over and showed them the trick. She didn't hop quite as enthusiastically as the first time but she did hop. But the only time she would do it was when I clapped and hollered the "pigga pigga pigga" chant.

I tried to look the images up in my dream dictionary but they weren't very helpful.

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