Thursday, November 11, 2004

McDonalds by any other name...

I love how little kids make up their own names for things. It always makes me smile.

Tuesday night Collin came to work to have dinner with me and he brought his 4 year old daughter with him. She wanted to go to "Sh-shlotzky's" for pizza so we headed that way but found when we arrived that they had changed their hours and they closed at 8pm. It was 8:02. Bummer. So in search of pizza for Jordyn, we went to Fazoli's. Afterwards, she told her dad that she had been "real good at Sha-Louie's."

Fast forward to last night. Cast of characters remains the same. We were planning on Popeye's but suddenly Chick-Fil-A sounded better so Collin pulled a "Uwe" and we headed towards Chick-Fil-A. We were, by design, also heading towards Little Caesar's Pizza and Jordyn knew this. She asked if we were going to "Little Weaslers." We laughed and Collin said, "No, we're going to Chick-Fil-A."

"Chickle-A?" We tried three times to get her to say it right but she insisted on Chickle-A. I started listing all the restaurants she said funny.

"So, there's Mick-At-Donalds, Sh-shlotzky's, Sha-Louie's, Little Weaslers and Chickle-A," I said. From the backseat piped, "DON'T FORGET BURGER KING!!!"

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