Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tricks of the Trade

Happy Halloween!! Hope everyone has a good night and gets lots of candy! As
for me, I've mentioned in many comment boxes that I'll be going to the Broncos/
Falcons game. Yay for me! It's supposed to be blody cold and maybe even snow.
Yeah, that's perfect football weather - sitting in the infamous South Stands
all bundled up yelling at the Broncos, eating your Thunderdog...God, I can't


The purpose of my post is that with Halloween approaching, I started thinking
about all the different costumes I had over the years. The first one I
remember was in 2nd grade, I was an alien. I had the Deely-Boppers with silver
stars at the end and Mom wrapped me in tinfoil.

I was a ballerina, a flapper, a belly dancer (although the assistant principal
made me wear a camisole under the top because in those days [listen to me
sounding like Monkey!] exposing your abdomen in school was frowned upon!), a
50's girl with a construction paper poodle stapled to a skirt (last minute
costume) and Wonder Woman among others.

One year, Derek, Rhonda & I all had this great idea: we would be vampires for
Halloween and have a coffin that we could rise from when we said "Trick Or
Treat." It was gonna be SWELL! We worked for the whole month of October at
Rhonda's house building a coffin out of boards that her dad brought home for
us. We attached it to our wagon and decided that we would take turns laying in
it. We were sooooo excited!! Halloween night arrived. I think Rhonda was the
first one in the coffin. We pulled out of her driveway and rolled up to the
Guzik's house next door. We didn't even make it halfway up the driveway before
the whole thing fell apart! So there we were in mediocre vampire costumes and
no gimmick! But it didn't stop us from getting candy!

When I worked a Fargo's, we were allowed to dress up. Most girls jumped at
this opportunity so we could get away from wearing the restricting Victorian
dress we were required to wear. One year my friend Christina & I dressed up as
corpses. She wore black jeans and a white t-shirt with fake blood all over,
powder make-up and bandages all over her. I wore black jeans and a tie-dyed
skull t-shirt. I put my hair up in curls that fell around my head and inserted
little plastic spider rings into it then wrapped a big rubber snake around my
neck. I was in charge of handing out pizzas that day - it was amazing how many
people would not take their order from me because they were either scared of
snakes or spiders or both!

My last year there, I dressed up as Maleficent, the evil queen from Disney's
Sleeping Beauty. I bought the costume at The Disney Store so it was all
authentic looking. I made up my face to look green and did my eyes so they
looked high & arched and painited my lips blood red. I looked awesome! One
little kid walked in, took one look at me and ran out crying! One little boy
came up to me while I was cleaning the salad bar and asked if I was poisoning
it. I told him, "You'll never know until you have some salad." He ran away
with fear in his eyes! That was fun!

I haven't dressed up since. The reason is...I don't have a reason. I work now
in a static free environment so it's useless to wear a costume. The ESD safe
smock would just cover it up. But it's fun to remember the old days...and eat
candy while I'm doing it! :)

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