Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Whatcha Gonna Do?

The following is from the CSPD blotter. It happened yesterday afternoon/evening.

Sand Creek shift III received information that multiple stolen vehicles were being dropped off in the parking lot of 1009 Alexander Rd. Further information was that possible suspects were staying in apt #8 at that location. Surveillance was established when stolen vehicles were located in the parking lot. Officers contacted three individuals leaving the apartment and notified detectives. The investigation is continuing, however, evidence has been collected tying the individuals to multiple BMV, Auto Thefts, Check Forgeries, and Identity Thefts


I take this bust very personally. Not because (knock on wood & point like Fred) that I've had my car stolen or my identity but because this bust blocked Circle Drive between Airport & Fountain which is right in the middle of my route to work! So, I was late getting there because I had to take a detour. Yeah, sure, the CSPD is just doing their job and bully for them, really, but couldn't they have done this AFTER I'd gotten to work? I mean, c'mon!

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