Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kids Picks

Just a couple of kid-related items to share with you all today.

Item #1: Last night I was on the phone with Collin and his daughter asked to talk to me. She told me they would be setting their Christmas tree up the next day and wanted to know if I was coming over. I told her no, that I had to work. "Ohhh, again," she whined, not knowing that I had been off for 5 days and was only working 2 days this week. "Yes, again. I'm sorry." "I think you need to have 10 hundred months off." "That would be nice," I answered. "Yeah...I think 100 days would do it." I like the way she thinks!

Item #2: This pertains to my subheader. I went Christmas shopping with Shanon and her 3 year old, Elena, last week. Usually, Elena is very energetic and according to her mom, she had been until they got to my place. As we were walking into Kohl's, she asked Elena why she was so droopy. "I'm fat," she replied. "You're 3 years old, Elena! You're not fat!" "Yes, I am, mama. I'm fat like a flower." ??? Where do kids come up with this stuff? And what kind of messages are getting sent out when a 3 year old is sad because she thinks she's fat?

Item #3: This was about 2 weeks ago. I was watching Jordyn (Collin's daughter) and was sitting on the couch, thinking about playing a rousing game of Karaoke Revolution. I called out to Jordyn, who was watching TV. "Hey, Jordyn!" She turned, got up and stood right in front of me. "Jordyn can't come to the phone right now so leave a message after the beep. BEEEEEEP!!!" I just stared at first. She looked back with a big smile so I caved. "Hi, Jordyn, this is Heather. Just wanted to know if you wanted to play Karaoke Revolution with me. Call me back. Bye." "Oh! Karaoke! Yeah, let's go!" If only everyone answered their messages so quickly!

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