Friday, December 17, 2004

Tending the Garden

Okay, fine. One more chance at this blogging thing since I *did* get a few
comments on the last post. But anymore of this no commenting crap and I'm not
doing this anymore. I'm serious this time.

So, on with the story*.

Derek & I have mentioned that Dad's side of the family is all spooky &
ghosted-up and such, what with our great Grandma Reed seeing her husband building
his coffin in the back yard while he was lying dead at work due to an accident
or our Aunt Charlene seeing her ex-husband on the side of the road in Alaska
when he was really electricuted in Grand Junction. We take the afterlife quite
seriously in our family, as evidenced by the conversation between Great
Grandma Reed and Great Aunt Lilly:

Aunt L: When I get to Heaven I'm going to take care of all the flowers.

Grandma R: I'm going to take care of all the little children.

Aunt L: That's nice, Tilly. Just keep those little bastards out of my

True story - hands in the air and all!

* = Dad told this story the other day to Jackie, the president of their
housing committee or whatever it's called. She had told him how her father, long
dead, comes to visit her in her room driving a big red Cadillac. She says he
picks up the recently deceased in this Caddy, kinda like Death, I guess. I
was quite disillusioned; I want Terry Pratchett's Death to come get me with the
Death Of Rats squeaking behind him. We can have a chat about cats and such
before he swings his scythe and my hourglass runs out. Sounds good to me!

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