Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Balloon of Doom!

The supernatural has been a long-running subject in my posts as well as
Derek's. It seems that weird things happen quite often around this family.

Last week at work, my trainees Nancy & Jeanene, along with yours truly, were
sitting around talking about ghosts and how this place we work is haunted and
how the pizza place I used to work is haunted, blah blah blah. Nancy piped up
with the fact that most of her library of books at home deal with the
supernatural and she'd be glad to bring some in for Jeanene & I to read. Not
that I don't already have a butt-load of books to read but still...when she
brought in an armful the next night, I grabbed a couple and tore through them.

These two books reminded me of a story that I don't think Derek or I have
related yet. It concerns a possessed balloon.

It was one of those shiny Mylar balloons that you buy at the grocery store's
flower department. I don't remember what it looked like, I don't remember
whose balloon it was, although I'm thinking it might have been for Mom.

Important side note: Whenever anyone got anything such as flowers or balloons,
we always placed them in the middle of the dining room table for everyone to
see and enjoy (except Dad - he hates balloons. And rugs. And candles. Go
figure!). When you walked into the house, you were in the living room and
directly in front of you was the dining room. The balloon was tied to the
dining room chair for about two or three days.

Now, you know how those Mylar balloons start to droop after a couple days?
This one didn't droop. No, it increased it's balloony power and stayed fully
inflated day after day after day...and then somehow it got untied from the
chair. All I know is that I was in the bathroom that was around the corner
from the dining room and when I came around, AAH! There was the balloon,
floating there, menacingly. I batted it away and walked on into the living
room. For about two days, that balloon followed us around the house. You'd
see it hanging somewhere as you walked by, turn around and BAM! There it was,
staring at you with it's evil balloon-ness.

Of course, we started watching it, saying, "It'll deflate soon. It'll deflate
soon. It has to - it's a BALLOON!" It never did. It just hung around,
scaring the crap out of us. Finally, we threw it out. I'm not sure if one of
us deflated it then threw it out or maybe it left of it's own valition, off to
do more demonic balloony damage!

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