Sunday, January 16, 2005

Inside My Bathroom

The other day, Monkey* mentioned how much of his wife's stuff is in their shower/bathroom and that got me to looking around mine and noticing how much "girly stuff" I really have. I've never quite thought of myself as a girly-girl but I might have to change my way of thinking. Here's the list of crap (no pun intended) in my bathroom:


-4 bottles of shampoo (or should I say "poo", Monkey?)
-2 bottles of conditioner
-2 bars of soap, one regular and one peach scented
-bottle of soap flakes
-apricot facial scrub
-5 bottles of differently scented body wash
-razor (hot pink, of course)
-shaving lotion
-bath salts
-pumice stone


-bath fizzie balls
-bath confetti
-foot scrub
-foot lotion
-little treasure chest with comb, brush & book for baths
-Listerine (citrus)
-3 different body sprays


-7 bottles of differently scented body washes
-frizz fixer gel
-peel off moisturizing masque
-body lotion


-M&M lunch box where I keep all my make-up (do NOT get me started on THAT!)
-little box for my rings & necklaces
-3 different body oils
-green apple body glitter spray
-Avon Bust Sculp**
-facial clenser
-green tea warming masque
-toothbrushes (2) & toothpaste (3)
-shampoo & conditioner from The Luxor that I will never use
-lip gloss
-facial cleanser
-3 different body lotions
-White Shoulders perfume
-foot spray
-shimmering body powder
-4 bottles of differently scented bubble baths


-untold number of bottles of fingernail polish
-2 cans of mousse
-hair putty
-dead sea scrubbing salts
-5 bottles of perfume/body spray
-3 bottles of body lotion

See??? I had no idea I had all that until I really looked! It's totally crazy!

* = I had the strangest dream the other night. I was with Derek, Trevor & Collin and we had been invited to a party at Monkey's house. In this dream, he lived here in Colorado and was, apparently, single. We went over and partied a bit and then Monkey said he was going to bed but we could feel free to hang out as long as we liked. The boys wanted to stay but I thought it would be rude so I made them leave. I forgot something after we walked out so I went back in and Monkey walked out of the back of the house in only a jockstrap! I kept telling myself "Don't look, Heather!" It was just bizarre!

** = This guy at work, Mike, his wife has started selling Avon and right before Christmas, he brought in some catalogues for me & the other ladies on our floor to check out. I decided to order a few things, one of them being this thing called "Bust Sculpt." If used regularly, it's supposed to firm up your boobs within 4 weeks. I was a little embarrassed buying it, knowing that Mike would be giving it to me. Would he look in the bag? Would he see it when it came in? All I can hope for is that his wife did everything and all he did was hand me the bag, clueless as to what my purchase was. Anyway, when I ordered it, I mentioned to Collin that I had bought this. He asked if it was called "Nary-A-Jiggle" or "Rock Hard Jugs." I was a little disappointed when it came in and it was only called Bust Sculpt. BTW, I've been using it now for 4 weeks and I'm not sure if they're any firmer or not! I'll keep you all updated!

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