Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My Birthday!! Yay!!

Yes, it's my birthday! Happy birthday to me! It's also my Aunt Rose's birthday, ex-Bronco & ESPN football analyst Marc Schlereth's birthday and Gabe, this guy who works with me... today's his birthday as well. But most importantly, it's MY birthday! :)

I have to work, though. I used all my time off during the Christmas shut-down so I'm stuck here on this most auspicious day. Did you know that today is a holiday in Italy? It is! It's something like Vesta de Republica or something like that. My trainee Nancy used to live in Italy so she told me all about it! I think it's just a ruse to celebrate my birthday! Ha!

I've already gotten some gifts: Collin got me a genealogy program for the computer, Sex & The City Season 1 DVD, While You Were Sleeping DVD, Roxette's Greatest Hits CD & Practical Magic DVD! Mom & Dad got me a brand new washing machine!! Whoooo!!!!! It's a Frigidaire and it's AWESOME! Lowe's delivered it Thursday to my apartment... they showed up at 7:15am and had it in and hooked up and the broken one out by 7:30! It was amazing how quick & efficient they were. You don't see that too often anymore.

My best birthday: when the Broncos won the Super Bowl vs. Green Bay. We had a HUGE birthday/Super Bowl party at Mom & Dad's place and I never got more presents than that year! (After all, isn't that what birthdays are all about? LOL) I remember sitting on the loveseat with Mom & my cousins Mandy & Amy and during the last play we were standing up, holding hands & praying Brett Favre didn't get that 4th down conversion. And then John Mobley knocked the pass down and we knew - we were WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

My worst birthday: The Super Bowl loss to the Giants on my 16th birthday. We went to Ray & MaryBeth's place for a combo party and it was the saddest day ever!! BUT!! I had written a letter that year to free safety Tony Lilly (#22) and told him that he was my favorite player (I went only on looks then - I was 16!!) and that the day of the Super Bowl was my birthday. Between plays at one point, they showed the Goodyear Blimp...the scrolling message read: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY..." and then they switched cameras and I never saw who the birthday wish was for. I like to think it was for me from Tony Lilly! :)

And I'm not telling how old I am. :P

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