Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nothing In My Head

I have nothing to blog about. I hate it when that happens.

Well, here's a little something to keep you somewhat interested:

Collin & the kids came to have dinner with me the other night at work. I drove us all to Taco Bell and then to Baskin Robins for dessert. Justin was complaining that my car was being evil to him and I was trying to tell him not to give Bella ideas. That's my car, Isabella - Bella for short.

(Funny side note: A lady at work is pregnant and due any day. She's having a girl and they're naming her Isabella. I've had to bite my tongue not to say, "Oh! That's my car's name!!")

Jordyn then piped up with a "better" name for my car: Multi-Dark Difficult. She was seriously trying to get me to change Bella's name and she tried to enlist Dad's help in her quest.

"Dad, isn't Multi-Dark Difficult a great name?"

"Well, I think you should wait and save it for when you get a car of your own."

There was just the slightest of pauses before "I'M GETTING A CAR?!?!?!?" She was so excited. It was sad to see her bubble burst!

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