Sunday, January 23, 2005

Officially Freaked Out!!

I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned this nightmare before. If I
have, bear with me, it's quite essential to this post.

When I was 7, my family & I moved into the house on Hackberry. Derek
& I have both posted before, talking about how we believed it was
haunted and the creepy little things that happened there. I'm sure
I mentioned my Snow White poster where both Derek & I heard the evil queen
talking and saw it wink at us. About that time period was when I
had this dream:

I was in bed and I couldn't sleep so I got up and went into the living
room where Mom was watching a soap opera. She said that on the show,
this woman's clock was going to strike 3 and her doorbell would ring
3 times. Mom was very into seeing what would happen when that woman
opened her door. So I started watching, too. When the TV clock struck
3 times, our clock struck 3 as well. Then the TV doorbell chimed 3 times
and...*gasp!*...SO DID OURS!! I was terrified and I hid behind this old
brown velour chair we had. Mom got up and answered the door. Into our
house walked 3 devils.

That dream scared the bejeezus out of me! What kind of a 7 or 8 year
old dreams about things like that??? The devils were the cartoony kind
that a kid would imagine, though; red with horns, cloven hooves, red
capes, carrying the red pitchfork. They were even smiling. I remember
that very well.

Anyway, this nightmare has stayed with me forever! Every once in a while,
something happen to make me think about it and tonight - OH MY GOD! Did
I ever start thinking about it.

Nancy, one of my trainees, brought in a book for me to read entitled
The Demonoligist. It's about cases worked on by the famous demonologists,
Ed & Lorraine Warren. I've read a lot of their books, but not this one
because it had been out of print, so of course I was excited to start
reading it. First chapter, though, and I'm flipping!

Here's the paragraph I just read: "At the third stroke, Ed looked up,
listened into the darkness, then went back to writing. It was three
o'clock in the morning, the true witching hour, the hour of the

Ummmm.....see? See why I'm all freaked out? Somehow, did my little
8 year old mind KNOW that detail? Was that why I dreamed of three
devils coming to the house at 3am? Or was that just a coincidence?
Cuz I swear I never knew that before half an hour ago! "The hour of
the Antichrist?" What the heck? I know when I was little, anything
about the Antichrist and the rapture and all that scared me to death!
Mom read to me from the Bible about it and tried to put me at ease
but I don't remember anything specific from what she read me. Does it
mention in there about 3am? Did that tidbit stick in my head? I
remember thinking that that nightmare came out of nowhere but maybe
I was too young to start interpreting my dreams.

Whatever the meaning, I'm now more freaked out than I think I was
25 years ago!

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