Thursday, January 06, 2005

Um...about my sammich?

I love Subway. I did the "Jared Diet" 2 years ago and lost a lot of weight and now i need to do it again. So, I went there for lunch today to get my regular: roast beef on wheat with dijon horseradish sauce, lettuce & onions. Sure it gives me nasty horseradish-onion breath but Damn! It's a good sammich and it's GOOD FOR ME! What really does it for me, though, has always been the horseradish sauce. Tangy and spicy and 0h-so-FREAKIN'-yummy!

So - conversation with the dumb-ass girl working at the 8th Street Subway today:

Bertie: (That was her name. I heard the other lady say it when she said, "Bertie! Run across the street to Popeye's and grab a handful of straws. We're out. Yeah, a handful should do it, lady!) What would you like on your sandwich?

Me: Horseradish...

Bertie: We're out of that. Actually, we discontinued it.

Me: NOOOOOoooooo!!!!! That's my favorite! It's the only reason I get your sandwiches!

Bertie: (blank bitchy I-don't-give-a-fuck look on her short stupid face.)

Me: Fine. I'll take the sweet onion sauce.

So I did. And it was fine but....COME ON!!! WHYYYYY (said like Gir when Zim throws his Piggy into the time machine) would they discontinue my sauce? WHYYYYY? *Sigh* I guess it's sweet onion sauce or honey mustard for me now.

Goodbye saucie! I loveded you!

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