Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Update on my Time

I'm here, I'm here! I've been working - a 4 day week (bleh!) and then on my off-time I've resurrected my genealogy project. Collin was sweet enough to buy me an early birthday present which was a new genealogy program for my computer. I've been having a blast with it! I already have over 2600 people entered and I haven't even made a dent in what I have. The internet can be a wonderful tool sometimes!

What sucks, though, is when I first started doing the genealogy, had this awesome database where other people posted their family trees and I got some real gems from there! Last week, I went back to find out some minor details and found that now, in order to access that database, you have to PAY! It had been FREE the last time I was there! I think it $20/month or $50 for a whole year of access to not only the database but all their records. I hope it's all their records cuz I'm planning on paying that fifty bucks as a birthday present to myself!

My biggest obstacle has been finding anything out about my Dad's father's side of the family; if anyone out there knows anything about the Knight family from West Virginia, LET ME KNOW!!! They were from Manonghea County..something like that - I know it's spelled weird and I don't think it exists anymore. I'll have to check. Also, on my Mom's mother's side, I can find squat about my great great great great grandfather, Govan Littlefield. It's like he disappeared into thin air! I heard from a distant cousin that he died before my great great great grandmother was born in 1872 or 1874 or somewhere around there...and I think it was in Cheyenne County, AL. Again, any info would be greatly appreciated by not only myself but my grandma! And, I imagine, everyone around me who's tired of hearing me whine about Govan! Ha!

Maybe one day when I finish it (yeah, right!) I'll post the tree! I think it's interesting.

So, that's what I've been up to! I have a really long, kinda sad & funny post planned for you all soon!! Bye for now!

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