Friday, January 28, 2005

We're All So Lucky He's Witty

Before we get any farther today, I wanted to let everyone know that Mom has a new, funny post. Every day she's been checking her comments and only has 3 so far so go over and say hi!!

Okay, on to my post: For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with Rasputin, known to the world as The Mad Monk who brought about the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty in Russia. I remember Mom telling me about his death one day, although I can't recall what brought up the subject. It might have been that was when the whole Anna Anderson scandal was heating up & I was interested in the romantic notion that one of the Romanov's had survived the massacre and that's why she started telling me about Rasputin. Whatever her motivation, I've never forgotten what she told me:

He was poisoned, beaten, shot, tied in a sheet and thrown in the Neva River. When he was found he was frozen in the position of trying to claw through the ice that covered the river; he didn't drown, he froze to death!

Last year, I read The Rasputin Files by Edvard Radzinsky. It was an amazing look at the peasant's life. If you're interested at all in Russian history or just the life of someone who rose from nothing to have the ear of the Empress, read this book!! After I read it, I came to the conclusion that Rasputin was not the evil that people have made him out to be throughout the years - he was misunderstood and feared.


So...the point of this post, finally, is this: I was book shopping with Collin last weekend and picked up a different book about Rasputin because there were pictures in it that weren't in the other one. I was telling Collin about how I found a Rasputin watch on Ebay a while back with a picture of him on the face. Collin, with such a straight face, said, "I hope it was waterproof."

This morning he informed me that I'm lucky he's so witty. *Sigh* I suppose he's right!

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