Friday, February 25, 2005

Black & White

I was listening to the Alice Cooper show on KKFM the other night and he was talking about this zoo in Germany where they have these gay penguins who will not mate with the females. In order to get them to go straight, the zoo imported Swedish female penguins hoping to "turn them straight and get them to mate." Hey, that rhymes! It could be the zoo's new motto!

Anyway, the story can be found here.

I told a couple ladies at work about the penguins and both of them were skeptical that animals could be gay - they were sure it was a human trait. But I'm convinced that my two boy cats, Chazz & Murphy, were gay. They absolutely adored one another and stuck to each other like glue. I even have a picture of them holding paws. It's really cute! But I believe that animals can be gay, why not? You can't really help who you're attracted to. You just are!

And p.s. Have I ever mentioned how much I love Alice Cooper? I got to meet him about 9 years ago at a haunted house in Denver. He was sitting in a throne made of bones and he signed my "Alice Cooper Goes To Hell" CD for me with a smile. He was awesome! And he puts on a hell of a live show!

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