Tuesday, February 22, 2005

In The Immortal Words Of Judas Priest:

We have these rules about sleeping at work. Not just guidelines but serious, strict, to-be-adhered-to-at-all-times rules. Those rules state that you are not to sleep on the floor or in the break room or in the bathrooms (don't laugh - there used to be a girl on my shift who would go into the back bathroom and sleep while sitting on the toilet.) at any time. If you're caught sleeping, you will be subject to disciplinary action, including being given a verbal warning, written warning or termination. Sleeping, in the company's eyes, doesn't just mean deep, snoring sleep. No, no... it also includes "resting your eyes." It's pretty strict and just 2 weeks ago they sent out a message, reiterating the policies on sleeping.

The reason they felt they had to remind us?

A contractor was in the fab about three weeks ago and happened to be walking through the mezzanine when he heard voices coming from the scaffolding where they had been doing remodeling work during the daytime. Thinking that there shouldn't be anyone there, he immediately informed security who went in to investigate. There they found two maintenance techs up in the scaffolding with blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and even GameBoys! I guess these guys would disappear for hours at a time and play some video games before napping! Of course, they were terminated and they couldn't understand why.

Sp that's been the big story here at work this past week. And believe me, everyone is doing everything they can to stay awake!!

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