Monday, February 21, 2005

The Innocence Of The Innocent

The greatest thing about being around little kids is that you never know what will come out of their mouths! Case in point:

Sunday evening before I left for work, Collin and his kids came over. We had nachos and watched a couple of episodes of "Dead Like Me." After a while, Jordyn asked if she could color. I have a Lion King coloring book & markers on hand for just such emergencies. She was giving all her energy to coloring in a picture of Zazu, the bird who is kind of Mufasa's right hand man. After she finished coloring him, she showed him to Collin & me.

"Look at the bird! I colored his feathers blue cuz they're supposed to be blue and his pecker is yellow."

"Beak, sweetie. It's called a beak," Collin answered with an incredibly straight face.

"Oh. His beak is yellow." And she walked off. Then, and only then, did we allow ourselves to properly crack up.

SIDE NOTE FOR LAURA F: Hi!! I've been trying all week to comment on your site and Blogger just won't let me in! I've been reading your posts and enjoying them all!! :)

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