Monday, February 07, 2005

My Other Birthday

Saturday afternoon, Mom called me and during the course of the conversation, mentioned that my due date had been January 29th and that I had been born early (the 25th). She said that whenever she saw the 29th, she thought it was my birthday because "for 9 months that's what I thought your birthday would be." What was funny to me is that for 34 years my birthday's been the 25th! But those first 9 months made a bigger impression upon her, I suppose, being her first pregnancy and all.

So, speaking of birthdays, Saturday night I was supposed to go to Derek & Heather's to pick up an excercise machine. "Anytime after 5" I was told. So Collin & I whiled the day away book shopping and hanging out at his Mom's house, watching "Moulin Rouge" which his Mom did NOT like! How can you not LOVE that movie? Oh, well... anyway... we get to Derek's and I see Dad's Vue parked in their driveway. I was wondering what Mom & Dad were doing there, especially since Dad had been in the hospital THAT AFTERNOON recovering from surgery!! Turns out, it was SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR ME!

I've never had a surprise party so it was really cool! We had karaoke and snackies and I got more presents (which is ALWAYS a plus!): I got a really nice plant from Kathy (a co-worker of Derek & Collin's) & her husband Chad and Derek & Heather got me Heart's new CD, some bath stuff (that smells like honey... I've made a mental note NOT to wear the lotion or use the bubble bath and/or shower gel in the summer lest I be attacked by bees who love the smell of me!) and... a karaoke machine of my very own!! I'm so happy!

The karaoking was cut short, though, by the nasty snow storm that had started that night. Mom & Dad left early and then called us, letting us know that the roads were pretty bad so we left as well. Which was a shame; I was having a blast singing! I even got to sing The Shangri-Las' "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" which features such intelligent, thought-out lyrics like these: "What color are his eyes? I don't know, he's always wearing shades." It's a swell song! Maybe, just maybe, I could borrow the karaoke disc from my favorite brother and practice the song at home. :)

So, a big fat THANK YOU!!! to Derek & Heather for hosting the surprise party!


Also, this was the post that I was talking about never posting, so if it posts again ignore the second one.

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