Tuesday, February 01, 2005

This was just funny

First off, I want to vent a little bit about this mail blogger system. I did a post through it last night and it still hasn't posted! So keep your eyes peeled!

Okay, on with the new postie. I was talking to Mike last night at work about living in apartments and he was telling me about the people who live across from him. They're from Tennessee, the epitome of down home southern boys. He said that when they moved some furniture out, he offered the use of his Ford F350 and when Mike's brother locked his keys in his truck, this guy was right there to help.

That's where the funny story begins: Mike & his brother were outside with a coat hanger, trying unsuccessfully to jummy open the lock when Mike's neighbor came over and said he knew a better way to get in there. He proceeded to pop out the back window of Mike's brother's truck without breaking a sweat. It came out easily and all in one piece. The guy crawled through the back, unlocked the door then went to his truck and got a rope which he tied around the truck window. He then got inside the truck and pulled on the rope while Mike pushed on the outside of the window, causing the window to pop back in seamlessly.

The neighbor then tells Mike & his brother about how he used to do that to break into cars back home in Tennessee and that now he works at an auto glass company, doing the very same thing. Putting his criminal knowledge to work! After the neighbor left, Mike's brother said, "You know, the only reason I ever locked my truck when I was here was because of that guy. And now I know he can get in either way!"

Just goes to show, you never know!

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