Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Totally Innocent... Sort Of.

About 3 weeks ago, we got a 3rd computer on my floor at work. It was great - we really needed a third one and someone had finally listened to our pleas. What was even better was that it was set up on my side of the floor. That meant, in my mind, that it was MINE!! So imagine my disappointment when I came back from that weekend to find that someone had taken the tower but left the monitor!! I had lost my computer! I was so bummed.

But then the day-shift operators complained to the engineers who had taken it so we got a new one! Or so I thought. It turned out that the tower had belonged to the former maintenence tech supervisor who had been laid off around the beginning of 2004. When he was let go, he wasn't allowed back in the building so he didn't have a chance to delete any files from his computer. That meant that it was all on here... on this computer that was in my area and at my disposal to play with!!

It even had internet access for about 2 weeks. Sadly, someone figured that out last week so when I came in Saturday to start my week, there was no internet. :( I had lost my ability to keep up to date on blogs at work! BUT! Not all was lost! This guy had all of his mail still in the computer. Everything was in there - old reviews of his employees, letters with his wife (which some were pretty intense! They both sounded pretty stubborn and hot headed!), notes back & forth to co-workers bashing other co-workers, and the typical forwards we all get from friends and family.

Going through this guy's mail has been an ongoing thing for me ever since I discovered it. There's emails from back in 2000 up to the time he was let go so it's taking me a while to get through them all. Now, I know that's being snoopy but this guy is gone and I'll never see him again (interesting fact - he lived 7 houses away from me before I moved and I never saw him!) and he'll never know that I've read all of his emails. I hope.

But tonight, I was going through a folder of downloads and found some racy shots of Britney Spears of all people not to mention some online links to nude celebrity shots. "So," I thought. "He was looking at porno stuff while he was at work!" I wonder if that's one of the things that cost him his job. But here's the sad/funny/scary part of this whole story:

I opened a file called "Tiger's Girlfriend." It was a slide show of pictures of a model that Tiger Woods was dating. I'm not sure if it's the same girl that married him or not but I was clicking away, trying to get to the end when suddenly there were NAKED PICTURES of this girl! Every slide was boobs & butt and thighs....and here I am at work, trying desperately to figure out how to get out of this! What if someone saw what was on the screen???? Oh my, God, it's like that short movie that Collin made me watch where the guy gets a joke email from a friend about a girls & farm animals site (that phrase should get me some Google hits, huh?) and can't get out of it and the boss sees him and fires him! I just knew that was going to be me! And to get caught looking at naked women? Bleh! Not cool!

Luckily, I finally found the "END SHOW" button and was able to get out before anyone saw! I did find more naked girly pictures but they were merely attachments that I could simply scroll away from. Didn't stop me from panicking though. Maybe I'll take a break from his mail and start reading a book. With no naked pictures! (I hope - it's about King Henry VIII!)

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