Thursday, February 17, 2005

Victory For Zim!

This is a story for the little people, the opressed, the downtrodden. It shows that there is justice where you least expect it.

It starts off at work about two weeks ago. It was the last night of my week (Tuesday but we call it Friday) and those nights are reknowned for being bad. Anything that can happen will happen. This was a classic Friday: we were busy busy busy and super short-handed. When I first got there, I was told by my supervisor that I would be getting trained on a new machine that night so Ginny would be watching what were normally my machines. BUT! At 8pm (1 hour after my shift started), Ginny was rushed to the emergency room with a blod clot so I was asked to watch my original machines in addition to being trained. It made for a busy night.

There was an extra machine running on my floor that night, a lot that an engineer had started that afternoon. He told the day shift people to just "let it run." So I let it run. I didn't mess with it much because there were lots running that were higher priority as delegated by my supervisor. After a while, I had pretty much forgotten about that lot.

Until 6:40am. 20 minutes before the end of the day and the beginning of my weekend, here comes the engineer to check on his lot. He asked why it wasn't finished and I answered that it had experienced a few jams throughout the night, which halted the machines operations. He asked if maintenence had been called, I replied "Not to my knowledge." He started yelling at me that it should have taken 8 hours to finish that lot and as I started to explain the circumstances surrounding the night, he WALKED AWAY FROM ME AS I WAS TALKING!! I hate that more than almost anything. I fumed for about 5 minutes then took off to my supervisor's office to tell her about the situation and how the engineer had acted.

Imagine my surprise when I found him in the supervisor's office, telling her that the lot was super-HOT, that it needed to ship by 10am THAT DAY and that I had let the machine sit all night long. I heard myself yell from behind him, "it did NOT SIT all night long!!!" You could tell he was startled when he whipped around. I began to tell my supervisor what had happened and this guy started talking over me. I looked at him and said, "I don't know who you think you are but you have no right to walk away from me while I'm trying to explain what happened." The entire time I was talking he was talking over me still. I was getting so mad that my supervisor had to tell me to leave and calm down.

Come to find out, that lot WAS super-duper hot, indeed it DID need to be shipped by 10am that day to an important customer. Unfortunately, this engineer had failed to tell anyone that would be working on it these details. He needed to tell the day & night shift supervisors and the operators. He didn't. So that lot was deemed to be the lowest of priorities. And then when he realized that he screwed up, he blamed me. And I didn't take his crap just because he was an engineer.

When I came back to work Saturday night, my supervisor showed me the email that the engineer had written the big boss, trying to cover his butt and make me look like I was in the wrong for yelling at him. And guess what? The big boss (who was my supervisor when I first started 7 years ago) stood up for ME!! He told the engineer that he sincerely hoped that I didn't take my "poor treatment by the engineers to HR." I was thrilled - I felt vindicated.

Until my supervisor told me that this engineer was pushing his case and had asked for a Monday meeting with the big boss to discuss the situation. All I could hope for was that the meeting was simply for the production angle and no longer had anything to do with me.

No one is talking about what happened in that meeting except to say that afterwards, the engineer no longer is employed there! I don't know if he quit or was walked out but he's gone; there was an email Tuesday night advertising the opening of his position. I'm sure that this ending has nothing to do with what happened between the engineer and me but it's refreshing to see an end result such as this:

The little person wins while the jerk who thinks he's all that gets his!


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