Thursday, February 03, 2005

What the hell?

I've been looking at the "Search Query" deal on my hit counter and, seriously, some of the ways people get here...weird!

The number one hit is for "Hootie McBoobs." I think that's funny.
There's a couple for restaurants that I've mentioned like Xiang's Kitchen or Fargo's Pizza and some for the lyrics to Gwen Stefani's song. Then there's the totally whacked out things; what the hell are people looking for???

Check these out:

-socks on her hands (I googled this and came up with nothing. What were they looking for & how did it lead them to me?)

-squatting to pee (I know where this came from but was someone looking for instructions?)

-I really had to pee but (but what?)

-Paul McCartney gave Ireland to the Irish (So it's a did they end up here?)

-slumber party erotic tales (Whoa! I don't remember writing anything that would have brought someone here for THAT!)

-lick toes blog ("Lick toes" came from a post about Chazz but...I looked it up; it's not a toe-fettish blog...although this one is a little creepy. Unless you like toes.)

-his little weiner (Ummm...whose little weiner were you looking for? I've heard rumors about certain people but...let's be a little more specific here!)

-I saw mom undress (EEEEP!)

People out there are scaring me! But hey! If it brings me readers, who am I to complain?

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