Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Did You Get All That?

I had a conversation tonight with the day shift supervisor as my shift was just beginning. At the end, he laughed and said, "If someone off the street heard what we just said, he'd be like, 'Huh? Wha? What are you talking about?'" And I totally agreed.

We were discussing a work issue and after he said that, I realized just how true it is. To us, everything we said made perfect sense. To someone who doesn't work here, we're speaking gibberish. I decided I'd share the conversation with you and see what you make of it.

Dan: How did you get the 657's to run without a minispec or ETR?

Me: There was a minispec. It was in Comets.

Dan: No, that was for the CMAV.

Me: But the PEMAV & the CMAV are the same thing.

Dan: No, they're not.

Me: Yes, they are. When Nancy got certified to the CMAV and then she moved on to the MCT, I wrote Debi and asked her if the PEMAV & CMAV were the same since PEMAV 04 used to be CMAV 01. She said she asked around and the engineers said yes, they were the same.

Dan: Well, the engineers today said they weren't. You know how Peter Greene* can be. Or do you?

Me: No, I've never met him.

Dan: Well, he wasn't happy that the 657's were running without a spec or ETR. But he also said he could see how it could happen and he wrote out an ETR and split the files on the PEMAV so it won't happen again.

Me: Okay. Sorry.

So! What do you think? Does any of it make sense? Even to me, and I've been here 7 years, this whole "PEMAV/CMAV" thing is confusing. I think I'm right on this issue but then again, I usually think that way! :)

I'm leaving this morning to go to Grand Junction with my folks to visit my grandparents. I'll post from there with (hopefully) fun trip anticdotes. And hopfully the Spider Batallion isn't waiting to swallow me up the second I set foot in the Haunted Basement!!

Happy Tuesday to all!

*= Name has been changed to protect my job

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